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Industrial PCB repairs


Repair of industrial electronic circuit boards
In this department we have an ultra modern laboratory that is an essential tool that allows our technicians to effectively analyze, detect, program and repair faults in industrial electronic circuit boards and or variable speed drives, among others, mostly from the textile industry, metalomechanical and automotive. We use new approach and troubleshooting methods, which allow us to repair efficiently and without the need to waste components or materials, which are often not damaged, in order to provide our customers with a fast and high quality technical service at a better price
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PATTERN DESIGN, grades, marks


DYEING / WEAVING cone to cone winder`s

Spare partes for SCHLAFHORST Open End

Spare parts for SCHLAFHORST Autoconer

Industrial PCB repairs

Spare partes for MARZOLI

Spare partes for ZINSER

Spare parts for RIETER

STALAM - Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer`s




1 MURATA 7-5 semi-automatic winder for rest cones - 15 heads
Semi-automatic winder to recover yarn from rest cones. Its a very important winding machine to recover yarn from rest cones coming out from warping kreel or weaving creel. This yarn represent money but a lot of time and human resources to recover it with manual winders but with this automatic winder its much faster and much easyer using only a single worker
Net prepared with the purpose of dividing the working places where can append a contamination created by flying textile fibres

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