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Spare parts for SCHLAFHORST Autoconer


Spare parts for Schlafhorst Winder
High quality spare parts for Winder Schlafhorst Autoconer specialy for the models 238 and 338. We also can offer some parts for the models 107 and 138.
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PATTERN DESIGN, grades, marks


DYEING / WEAVING cone to cone winder`s

Spare partes for SCHLAFHORST Open End

Spare parts for SCHLAFHORST Autoconer

Industrial PCB repairs

Spare partes for MARZOLI

Spare partes for ZINSER

Spare parts for RIETER

STALAM - Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer`s




1 MURATA 7 / 2 MACH CONER automatic cone to cone 60 heads re-winder
Cone to cone winder for weaving or dyeing factory: MURATA 7 / 2 Mach Coner automatic cone to cone re-winder, 60 heads, for to make dyeing cones, clearing the yarn or waxing

1 MURATA WINDER 7R2 Mach Mini - for rest cone - single winding head
Single head cone winder to recover from rest yarn cones
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