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Spare partes for SCHLAFHORST Open End


Spare parts for Schlafhorst Open End
High quality spare parts for Open End Schlafhorst Autocoro models, SE8, SE9, SE10, SE11, SE12
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PATTERN DESIGN, grades, marks


DYEING / WEAVING cone to cone winder`s

Spare partes for SCHLAFHORST Open End

Spare parts for SCHLAFHORST Autoconer

Industrial PCB repairs

Spare partes for MARZOLI

Spare partes for ZINSER

Spare parts for RIETER

STALAM - Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer`s




Pattern`s, graduations and mark`s for fashion / clothes
- We attend the fashion and sewing factory`s with pattern design, graduations, mark`s for clothing that we create in system`s CAD Lectra from the ultimate generation. - NOUS ASSISTONS LES FABRICANTS DE VÊTEMENT AVEC DES MOULES, LES ÉCHELLES ET DES PLANS DE COUPE QUE NOUS CRÉONS DANS SYSTÈME CAD LECTRA DE LA DERNIÈRE GÉNÉRATION.
1 SAVIO ESPERO cone to cone winder, 16 heads - FISHERMAN KNOTTER
- SAVIO ESPERO CONE TO CONE WINDER, Prepared for re-winding, waxing or clearing from CONE to CONE - FISHERMAN KNOTTER HEAD BY HEAD FOR TWISTED YARN. Recomended for weaving or dyeing factoryes
Roving tubes cleaning machine
Automatic cleaning machine for roving tubes
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