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Industrial PCB repairs

Repair of industrial electronic circuit boards
In this department we have an ultra modern laboratory that is an essential tool that allows our technicians to effectively analyze, detect, program and repair faults in industrial electronic circuit boards and or variable speed drives, among others, mostly from the textile industry, metalomechanical and automotive. We use new approach and troubleshooting methods, which allow us to repair efficiently and without the need to waste components or materials, which are often not damaged, in order to provide our customers with a fast and high quality technical service at a better price
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Repair of industrial electronic circuit boards
We daily repair electronic circuit boards and inverter used in the following machine brands:

- Schlafhorst  autoconer: 238, 338, X5, autoconer 6 ( VECTRON W 400-040 frequency inverter )
- Schlafhorst autocoro SE9, SE10, SE11, Aco 312, Aco 360, Aco 8, etc...
- Marzoli: B12, B13, B14, CX300, CX400, NSF, RST , BCX16, etc...
- Rieter: F5, C4, C50, C60, C70, Unifloc, G5/2, G30, G33, K44, etc...
- Zinser 319, 320,350, 420, 450
- Savio: Espero, orion, Polar, etc...
- Murata / muratec: 7-2, 7-5, 7-7, 21C, etc...
- Central clearer and its circuit boards Loepfe, Uster

- Sulzer G6200, P6100, P7100, G6300, etc ( placas BRU 105, BRU 200, LBR. LKU, PCB )
- Dornier: GTN, etc...
- Vamatex: Silver, Leonardo, etc...
- Itema: R9500, etc...
- Tsudakoma
- Pre-feeders, IRO, LGL, etc
- Jacquard Staubli, Bonas, etc

Variable speed drives, PLC and many other, are devices that we daily repair in our lab.

We also have a big stock of obsolete electronic components and this give conditions to us to be well succeed in repair of fails in older devices

Reparacion de tarjetas electronicas industriales

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