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1 SAVIO ESPERO cone to cone winder, 16 heads - fisherman knotter
- SAVIO ESPERO CONE TO CONE WINDER, Prepared for re-winding, waxing or clearing from CONE to CONE
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1 SAVIO ESPERO cone to cone winder, 16 heads - fisherman knotter

01 SAVIO Winder Version ESPERO

Prepared to re-wind from CONE to CONE

16 Heads

Fisherman knotter

Capacitive central clearer Keisokki KC60C

Measuring head MK-15-AC

Waxing device

Meter counter

Drums with 2 turn asymmetrical

Exit in cones of 420 - 6"

01 Robot to change full bobbin

Centralized discharge for full bobbin

Speed control centralized

Possibility to work 16 counts at the same time

Centralized air exhaust with upside exit

Year 1992

Volt. 380.3.50hz

Serial nr. 422.000.92

Blower Magitex

Lighting in the winding area


 -> Optional devices that we can instal:

Exit on cones of 5 57


- DELIVERY : Immediate

- LOCATION: Our warehouse from Portugal

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