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DYEING / WEAVING cone to cone winder`s

1 MURATA 7 / 2 Re-winder - 30 heads
- Ref¬ 15004 - MURATA 7 / 2 CONE TO CONE WINDER, Prepared for re-winding, waxing or clearing from CONE to CONE - FISHERMAN KNOTTER HEAD BY HEAD FOR TWISTED YARN. Recomended for weaving or dyeing factoryes
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1 MURATA 7 / 2 Re-winder - 30 heads

MURATA Winder 7 / 2

30 Heads

Automatic Fisherman knotter head by head

Optical central clearer Uster Peyer with foreign fibre detection

Waxing device

Centralized meter counter MMM, head by head

Drums with 2 turn symmetrical

Exit in cones of 5║57 - 6"

Centralized discharge for full bobbin


Speed control centralized

Possibility to work 30 counts at the same time

Centralized air exhaust with upside exit

Year 1993

Volt. 380.3.50hz

Power 21A 

Serial nr. 93 SX 324020-001

Blower Magitex

Lighting in the winding area


-> Optionals that we can instal:

Air Splice

Exit 2,5 turns

Exit in cones 4║ 20

Variable speed driver in the suction motor


- DELIVERY : Immediate

- LOCATION: Our warehouse from Portugal

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Eletronic yarn count reeling NE, NM ) determination Verivide MESDAN
1 MURATA 7-5 semi-automatic winder for rest cones - 15 heads
Semi-automatic winder to recover yarn from rest cones. Its a very important winding machine to recover yarn from rest cones coming out from warping kreel or weaving creel. This yarn represent money but a lot of time and human resources to recover it with manual winders but with this automatic winder its much faster and much easyer using only a single worker
1 MURATA 7 / 2 MACH CONER automatic cone to cone 60 heads re-winder
Cone to cone winder for weaving or dyeing factory: MURATA 7 / 2 Mach Coner automatic cone to cone re-winder, 60 heads, for to make dyeing cones, clearing the yarn or waxing
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