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PATTERN DESIGN, grades, marks

Pattern`s, gradations and mark`s for fashion / clothes
- We attend the fashion and sewing factory`s with pattern design, graduations, mark`s for clothing that we create in system`s CAD Lectra from the ultimate generation. - NOUS ASSISTONS LES FABRICANTS DE VÊTEMENT AVEC DES MOULES, LES ÉCHELLES ET DES PLANS DE COUPE QUE NOUS CRÉONS DANS SYSTÈME CAD LECTRA DE LA DERNIÈRE GÉNÉRATION. - Nel nostro reparto di modellistica altamente specializzato, assistiamo i capi con modelli, scale e piani di taglio, che creiamo su sistemi CAD Lectra all'avanguardia
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Pattern`s, gradations and mark`s for fashion / clothes


 Pattern design

        Gradations / scales

       Marks for cloths

We are also able to make file conversions

between the diferent CAD languages


modeling cabinet for clothing industry / clothing / plotter / alys / flypen / tracer / striped / cad / graphic stand / lectra modaris / lectra diamino / gerber / audaces / fabric / modellers / scale / scales / fashion / modeling cabinet for clothing /

cabinet de modélisation pour l'industrie du vêtement / vêtements / plotter / alys / flypen / traceur / rayé / cad / stand graphique / lectra modaris / lectra diamino / gerber / audaces / tissu / modéliste vêtements / modeleurs / patron / patrons couture / échelle / échelles / mode / vêtements armoire de modélisation pour vêtements

reparto di modellistica, modelli per abbigliamento, modelli, scale, piani di taglio, sistemi CAD Lectra

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