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TFO twister VOLKMAN VTS-07 Trend Twister, 192 spindles
Double twister SAURER VOLKMAN VTS07 TrendTwister, 192 spindles for spun yarn
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TFO twister VOLKMAN VTS-07 Trend Twister, 192 spindles

Double twist twister for spun yarn

SAURER VOLKMAN model VTS 07 TrendTwister
- 192 spindles (8+8 spindles per section)

- Informator for programming work data

- Dual control (allows different twisting and speed on each side)

Possibility of dividing the machine into three groups on each side of the machine, which allows working up to three twists and three different speeds on each side of the fan

- Yarn guide movement is common by each side of the machine

- 1 individual rotating motor in each spindle

- Start/stop button on each spindle

- Electronic sensor/yarn presence probe w/ automatic spindle stop in case of breakage

- Pneumatic yarn feeding

- Fedding bobbin up to 10" coming from assembly winder

- Device for forming of soft packages, if desired for dyeing

- Output pachages of 6 inches (152mm of wire winding)

- Possibility of forming conical bobbins 4º 20; 5°57, or cylindrical bobbins as desire

- Lateral reserve of yarn for weaving preparation

- Automatic package lifting with blockage aplet

- Top creedle with supports for empty cones or full packages

- MAGITEX traveling blower with box for centralized discharge with timer

- Longitudinal tape with micros for emergency stop of the machine in case of need

- Inverter speed drives for electronic introduction of torsion and spindle speed

- RPM 9,000 (18,000 double twist)

- Minimum TPM 80

- Year of construction 2000 ( in excellent maintnance condition and functioning )

- Machine lengths 21940mm

- Voltage 380v.3c.50hz

 VTS07 VTS-07 VTS/07 VTS 07

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