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Winder semi-automatic MURATA 7/5 R - FOR REST CONES - 15 spindles

1 MURATA 7-5R semi-automatic winder for rest cones - 15 heads

Murata semi-automatic winder for rest cones

15 winding head

Feeding by round magazine with 12 hall each magazine

Maximum feeding bobbin 115mm diameter

Conical exit 5º 57 6" (170mm) or ( we can instal 4º 20”, 6” )

Conical stainless still drums

Electronic meter counter


Fisherman knotter or ( we can install air splice )

Clearers Uster Peyer

Automatic winding speed regulation

Traveling cleaner Magitex

Belt for full bobbin central discharge

Y.O.C. 1998 ( reconditioneed on 2018 )

Date: 2018-12-03

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WE HAVE AT STOCK FOR IMEDIATE SALE IN LOT OR SINGLE THE FOLLOWING BLOW ROOM TRUTZSCHLER MACHINES: Axiflo AFC Trutzschler, LVSA Trutzschler + BEB Trutzschler + step cleaner SRS 6 Trutzschler, RN 1200 Trutzschler, LVSA Trutzschler + BEB Trutzschler + RSK 1200 Trutzschler, LVS Trutzschler + TV 425

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