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The company situates-itself in the north of Portugal, near the World Heritage City of UNESCO, Guimarães.  The Sá Carneiro Airport is at an approximately 30 minutes drive, just 40km of distance.  Please check the location on the map below.

Unispin Contacts

Rua do Séquito, lote B11 - piso 1
4805-034 Brito ( Guimarães )

GPS: 41º27`5" N  8º21`9" O

Pho: +351 253 545 113
Fax:  +351 253 545 115
Skype: unispinportugal

Email: unispin@unispin.net
Web: www.unispin.net

WE HAVE AT STOCK FOR IMEDIATE SALE IN LOT OR SINGLE THE FOLLOWING BLOW ROOM TRUTZSCHLER MACHINES: Axiflo AFC Trutzschler, LVSA Trutzschler + BEB Trutzschler + step cleaner SRS 6 Trutzschler, RN 1200 Trutzschler, LVSA Trutzschler + BEB Trutzschler + RSK 1200 Trutzschler, LVS Trutzschler + TV 425

Pattern`s, graduations and mark`s for fashion / clothes
- We attend the fashion and sewing factory`s with pattern design, graduations, mark`s for clothing that we create in system`s CAD Lectra from the ultimate generation. - NOUS ASSISTONS LES FABRICANTS DE VÊTEMENT AVEC DES MOULES, LES ÉCHELLES ET DES PLANS DE COUPE QUE NOUS CRÉONS DANS SYSTÈME CAD LECTRA DE LA DERNIÈRE GÉNÉRATION.
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