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If you wish to contact us or you could not find a specific information in our website, please feel free to contact us, via phone, fax or email or if you prefer just fill the form with the information you need.
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Unispin Contacts

Rua do Séquito, lote B11 - piso 1
4805-034 Brito ( Guimarães )

Pho: +351 253 545 113
Fax:  +351 253 545 115
Skype: unispinportugal

Email: unispin@unispin.net
Web: www.unispin.net


1 MURATA 7 / 2 MACH CONER automatic cone to cone 60 heads re-winder
Cone to cone winder for weaving or dyeing factory: MURATA 7 / 2 Mach Coner automatic cone to cone re-winder, 60 heads, for to make dyeing cones, clearing the yarn or waxing
1 MURATA WINDER 7R2 Mach Mini - for rest cone - single winding head
Single head cone winder to recover from rest yarn cones
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